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Scholarship Information - Eastern Region

The application begins:  March 1, 2010

The application deadline: June 15, 2010

Announcement of Awardees: August 2010

Banquet Date/Time: September, 2010

Banquet Place: TBD

Application Submission

Application Criteria:  

Qualifications for the scholarship

1. Will be a full time student at a school in one of the designated Eastern states according to the KASF’s delineation of regions during the 10-11 school year. (Delaware, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia)

2. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

3.Be able to demonstrate need for financial assistance.

One’s category depends on what your status will be during the 10-11 school year.  

1.High School Students, 10th and above:  Achievement Awards

2.High School seniors, planning to attend college in 10-11 school year:  The chosen college must be within the eastern region.  You must include a copy of your acceptance letter from a school that is within the eastern region according to the KASF.  You will be disqualified if the school that you are planning to attend is outside of the designated states.

3.College Students (currently a fr, soph, jr):  The school you are attending must be within the eastern region.

4. College Students (currently a senior):  You are not qualified to apply for this scholarship unless you will be attending a graduate or professional school in the Eastern region during the 10-11 school year.You have to submit a letter of acceptance either from a graduate or professional school.

5. Graduate students:  You must be continuing your studies in the 10-11 school year at a school within the Eastern region.

6. A current non-student is eligible for a scholarship by providing documentation (acceptance letter, signed commitment letter, or any document showing commitment to attend) that they will be a full time student in the 10-11 school year.

7. Students residing or will reside during 10-11 school year in the US whether US citizen or Foreign Nationals are all welcome to apply.

Important Information Regarding Submission of Applications:

You MUST follow all the directions as stated herein. Noncompliance to the stated instructions WILL lead to disqualification.

ALL material must be submitted TOGETHER in ONE PACKET (envelope).  This “PACKET” is to contain an application form, two self-addressed stamped envelopes, official transcripts (in their own sealed and signed envelope), letters of recommendation (in their own sealed and signed envelope), Photo and a copy of digital photo in a CD, financial material and any other material that is being submitted. Refer to the qualifications and the requirements that are stated below to confirm which materials you should send. It is your responsibility to verify and submit all required materials. Then ALL the material MUST be submitted in ONE PACKET.  Any material submitted separately may NOT be accepted. If for whatever reason the party preparing a document for an applicant cannot or will not offer the document directly to the applicant, then that party must submit a letter via US mail to KASF address mentioned below, with an explanation why he/she cannot give the sealed and signed letter to the applicant. Any circumstances will be reviewed on an individual case basis.

As such, ONLY complete applications will be reviewed.  An incomplete application will NOT be reviewed.  It is your responsibility to submit a complete application. It is your responsibility to submit the correct documents requested.

The deadline for application submission will be enforced according to the post mark on the PACKET. THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS TO THE DEADLINE. Please submit in a timely manner.

No material will be accepted via facsimile transmission (fax), via email attachments, or any manner other than as stated above.

Due to the limited resources of KASF, we are not able to keep track of your application status and give you updates. We cannot accept or return correspondences regarding your application status.

KASF cannot be held responsible for lost or misplaced material.

Any questions regarding the application process should be sent via e-mail to the e-mail address below.KASF will respond to your questions via e-mail within a reasonable timeframe.

The applicant may submit any additional information that they feel is relevent. However, the foundation cannot guarantee that any additional material (anything outside of what is required) will be reviewed or taken into consideration. Furthermore, any additional material cannot be a substitute for the required material.

Application Documents:

College and Graduate Students

1. Application form with two self addressed stamped envelopes (download MS Word format: Application form, Adobe PDF format: Application form)

2. Transcript;  Only an OFFICIAL transcript bearing a seal and signature will be accepted.  Unofficial transcripts, internet grade reports etc. will NOT be accepted and the transcript requirement will not be fulfilled.

3. Two letters of recommendation. You must use the KASF standard forms. (download MS Word format: Recommendation form, Adobe PDF format: Recommendation form)  The letters need to be in a sealed envelope with a signature across the seal.  Any letters of recommendation that is NOT within a sealed and signed letter will not be viewed and will not fulfill the letter of recommendation letter requirement.  Any letters of recommendation sent separately from the application will not be counted as one of the two required letters.

4. One passport size photo and a digital photo file (Minimum size of 800x600 pixels with resolution 300 dpi or better for print) in a CD taken within the past 12 months

5. Financial Data:

You must fullfill the requirements in Part II of application form.

For International Students:

Please send a copy of parents' income tax statement froim Korea or any other country.

6. Student's essay (use application form): maximum one page.

Then, submit to:

Attn:KASF Scholarship Committee

1952 Gallows Rd., Suite 340 B

Vienna, VA 22182


For students who live within 200 miles, it is highly recommend to attend banquet if they are awarded.
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