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안녕하세요 UMD 가족 여러분,

ECE department 에 계시는 Teresa Moore 씨께서 메일을 보내주셨습니다.

Dear Friends,

We are very pleased to be able to forward to you the e-mail attached below which contains an update from Mary regarding her current condition.  We also want to take this opportunity to share the deep gratitude expressed by Mary for all your love and support.  As of today, through your generous donations, we have raised over $50K for Mary's care.  In addition, we are starting to make progress with the insurance company who has now officially agreed to cover 7 days of Mary's acute rehabilitation.   As you know Mary was transferred to the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) from Georgetown University Hospital for the acute rehabilitation on July 17, 2008.   Her stay at NRH is thus over the 7 days of coverage which as been approved.  We are hopeful that they will extend their approval to cover more of Mary's stay at NRH.  We will do our best to keep you updated on our progress in this area.

Now that Mary's strength is returning, she is very anxious to return home to her family in Korea.  She has received approval from her doctor's to transfer to a hospital in Korea as early as next week.  The trip home is likely to be very expensive because it will be necessary for Mary and her caregiver to fly first class.  In addition, there is a need for special ground transportation to and from the hospitals because of Mary's condition.  With your permission, we would like to use a portion of the funds that we have received to cover the cost of Mary's trip home.  If you are not comfortable with your donation being used in part for this purpose, please contact Ms. Teresa Moore at 301-405-8135 or via e-mail at and she will make arrangements to refund the appropriate portion of your contribution.  

Please know that the funds that we collect will be used strictly for Mary's care and trip home.  If funds remain after all expenses have been paid, an appropriate refund will be made to each donor.

We again thank you all for your kind support.  


Teresa S. Moore

Director of Departmental Operations

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

A. James Clark School of Engineering

University of Maryland

2409 A.V. Williams Building

College Park, MD  20742



-----Original Message-----

From: Mary Kiemb []

Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 7:18 AM

To: Teresa Moore

Subject: Re: Update for Your Friends

Hi, I'm Mary.

I'm sorry for my late letter of thanks.

First of all, I apologize for my poor writing. I cannot fully express

my gratitude towards all of my friends who helped me and concerned

about me. When I heard that so many friends helped me, I realized that

my life is not owned by only myself. There is some reason that I have

to endure all of the pains and frustrations and come back to normal

life. I didn't realized that how much my classmates loved me and also

how much I loved my classmates until I was hospitalized and wasn't

able to see my classmates.

In Georgetown University Hospital, I had severe neural pain such as

burning sensation, freezing coldness and squeezing pain. After

transferring NRH, those pains are reduced a lot because my body are

used to those pains by repetitive muscle exercise. Right now, I have

little sense and control of my legs and lower abdominal parts. So, I

have problems with bowel movement, urine. All of the therapies related

legs are impossible for me. However, I'm doing therapies related my

arms. John, my physical therapist told me that my arms were getting

stronger and stronger and supporting my legs. I feel that my heart and

lung function well because of cardio exercises.

I had a big wound on my right butt. The level is 2-3. It means the

wound hurts fat tissue a little. After a plastic surgeon removed the

yellow dead tissue, new tissue is growing up quickly. Yesterday, my

wound nurse expected it would be cured quickly. Last Friday, John

measured my body to order my wheelchair.

I deeply appreciate all of the help of my friends to transfer me from

Georgetown University Hospital to NRH. Before coming to NRH, I wasn't

sure that I could get better. I was so exhausted both physically and

Mentally in GUH. Here, I met other patients who suffered from similar

spinal cord problems and I saw how they made efforts to recover and

got better. I have more hope, now.

Best Regards,


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