KSEA Scholarship (~Feb 16th)
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KSEA and KUSCO are pleased to announce multiple scholarships for graduate($1,500 each) and undergraduate($1,000 each) students majoring in science, engineering, or related fields.  The scholarships recognize outstanding students of Korean heritage who excel in academics as well as in service to the community, and have potential to become future leaders of society.  Details are given online at

 Potential recipients should apply by February 16, 2009.  

Jungho Kim Ph.D.
KSEA Scholarship Committee

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KSEA 멤버쉽
F-1VISA 신분 유학생이면 KSEA 멤버쉽을 신청 할 때에 개인정보란에 Chapter하고 Member type은 어떤 걸 선택해야 하는지 궁금합니다.:) 2009-01-22

Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association(KSEA)
1952 Gallow Road, Suite 300, Vienna, Virginia 22182
Tel: (703) 748-1221, Fax: (703) 748-1331
E-mail:, Web:

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