[ABES] 2010 Annual Bioscience and Engineering Symposium
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Title: Annual Bioscience and Engineering Symposium (ABES) 2010
Date: November 6th (Sat)
Place: Natcher Conference Center, National Institute of Health (NIH)
Organizing Institutions: NIH, University of Maryland, and Johns Hopkins University

The second Annual Bioscience and Engineering Symposium will be help at NIH on November 6th, 2010. The symposium intends to foster independence of young Korean scientists and engineers and help them develop their professional careers. In addition to the keynote speech by prominent scientists/engineers followed oral and poster presentations by young bioscientists and engineers, there will be recruitment opportunities for biotech/engineering companies and hospitals. The Organizing Committee decided to hold two parallel sessions for bioscience and engineering this year. The Committee is also glad to announce 4 Young Scientist/Engineer Awards this year. The awardees to be selected by Award Committee based on the quality of abstracts and presentations will be announced at the closing ceremony. Each awardee will receive a monetary award or an iPad. The Organizing Committee encourages young Korean scientists and engineers in the Greater Washington Area to participate in the exciting symposium.

More information can be found at the following website:

ABES는 한인 과학자 협회 (Korean Scientists Association)와 NIH가 공동으로 주최하는 학회입니다.
특별히 DC 주변에 있는 Korean young investigator를 위해 social networking 및 presentation 기회를 제공하는 자리입니다.

UMD에 계신 많은 한인 대학원생들이 참여하셔서 자리를 빛내주시면 좋을 것 같습니다.

* 제목 *
2010 Annual Bioscience and Engineering Symposium

* 참여대상 *
Bioscience 혹은 Engineering 전분야에서 연구하고 계신 분들
특별히 Engineering 부문 쪽의 적극적인 참여를 기다리고 있습니다!!!

* 참여분야 *
1. Poster
2. Presentation
- 발표는 영어나 한국어 모두 가능합니다.

* 중요 날짜 *
- Abstract Submission Deadline: Extended to 2010년 10월 15일
- Registration Deadline: 2010년 11월 1일
- Symposium Date:  2010년 11월 6일

* 학회 장소 *
The Natcher Conference Center NIH in Bethesda, MD

* 수상 *
4명의 Young Investigator Awards
수상자에게는 iPad를 드립니다.

* ABES 등록 홈페이지 *
Secure Num Secure Number 9379 를 입력하세요. (자동 광고글 방지)
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