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The apartment is located in downtown Silver Spring, about 2 blocks to the metro station, 3-4 blocks to a Giant supermarket and a 24 hour CVS pharmacy and 1 block to the post office. The apartment building is located on Second Avenue off of Colesville Road and is righ next to the district court house of Maryland.  Across the street from the building is a large parking garage. The building, The Alexander House, has high security including a security guard 24 hours a day; and is 17 floors with a small balcony. It also has a parking garage which is $115 a month but the current roommate says you can park in downtown Silver Spring for free for the whole week but you have to move your car to different parking garages if you don't want to pay for the building's parking garage. The apartment is 930 square feet with two bedrooms each connecting to their own bathroom. There is also a washer and dryer in the unit as well as a dishwasher. The rent is $780 a month plus utilities

I have some furniture already, including a kitchen table with 3 chairs and a leaf for the table so 6 people can sit at the table; a futon, coffee table, reclining chair, two end tables. I also have pots and pans and some appliances like a toaster oven, toaster, crock pot (or slow cooker) and tea maker. The bedroom is unfurnished.

We are looking to have someone move in either the beginning or the end of December.

Aimee Babcock-Ellis
University of Maryland at College Park
Masters of Library Science Student
(518) 225-7127
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