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9th 2011 JOBWORLD Career EXPO in NY/NJ
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Date: Friday, November 4, 2011 9 AM ~ 4 PM
Location: Teaneck Marriot Hotel, Grand Ball Room
Address: 100 Frank W Burr Boulevard, Teaneck, NJ 07666
Presented By: CESNA Group – JobWorld Career Expo Team

Focal Points:
• Meet representatives from prestigious global companies
• Have multiple job interviews & expand your professional network
• Complimentary career counseling from CESNA Group; JobWorld's parent company

□ Expo Event Plot
Time        Event Plot        Remarks
09:00~16:00        [Main Event] Meet representatives from prestigious global companies        Multiple job interviews at each booth
09:00~16:00        [Side Event] Career counseling        
~16:00        End of the Event        

Top international companies planning on hiring the best candidates, including:
• Korean companies operating in South Korea and United States
• International & American companies operating in the States and South Korea

Applicant’s Guide:
1) Qualified participants requirements
• B.A or higher degree as international student in USA or English based country
-        U.S citizens or Permanent Residents
• Graduate-to-be with MA or higher degree (MBA, Doc, PhD, etc)
• Experienced in Corporate Environment in Foreign Country
  (Participants must be qualified at least one option)
2) Registration Guide
• Link:
• Log on and register at
• Click on Post Resume or Career EXPO Registration
• Find the JobWorld USA Elephant logo that says Pre-Registration at the Platinum Job Posting menu
• Go down to APPLY ONLINE; Upload your resume
• Go to My Page and hit PRINT, bring a copy of My Page as a proof of registration
• For people who register online, there is no admission fee.   ($10 admission fee from the onsite register)
3) Travel Scholarship
Travel scholarships are granted to qualified Korean-English bilingual undergraduate, graduate students and experienced professionals to help defray the costs of attending the Job World Expo. Applications for the travel scholarship will be accepted during the application dates stated above. You will need to apply through the website with your online profile. We will notify all 2011 CESNA JobWorld Expo Seoul registrants when the travel scholarship application becomes available.
4) Volunteer
• E-mail to
• Help CESNA’s staff at the job fair event, you will receive:
- Volunteer Certification
- Free admission to the event
- Interview with HR managers from companies
5) Notifications for Applicants
• Must bring English Resume
• Prepared attitude and cloth
• Prepare the copy of My Page as a proof of registration from

4. Contact Info: CESNA JobWorld Career Expo Team
• Address: 560 Sylvan Ave. Suite 2165, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
• Phone: 1-201-567-8886 (Ex 307)
• E-Mail:
• Website:

5. Direction to the Expo
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1178  [삼성화재] '07년 해외채용 설명회 공고    삼성화재 2007/08/31 288 16184
1177  11th 2012 Jobworld Career Expo in Seoul    jobworldusa 2012/05/02 82 13641
Notice  회사 설명회를 오시는 회사 관계자분들에게 알립니다.    Staff P 2010/10/14 295 11029
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1172  [LG화학] 해외 R&D 우수인재 모집  [1]  학생회장 2010/01/21 72 9558
 9th 2011 JOBWORLD Career EXPO in NY/NJ  [7]  CESNA 2011/07/25 83 8838
1170  [현대자동차] 유럽법인 Sales Management 경력사원 채용  [1]  HR Manager 2008/08/19 122 8798
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