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[RTI] Public Health Analyst, Entry Level
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Public Health Analyst, Entry Level  
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Location:  Rockville, MD  


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About RTI  
RTI is an independent organization dedicated to conducting innovative, multidisciplinary research that improves the human condition. With a worldwide staff of more than 2,500 people, RTI offers innovative research and development and a full spectrum of multidisciplinary services. Universities in North Carolina founded RTI in 1958 as the first scientific organization in and centerpiece of the Research Triangle Park. More than 200 epidemiologists and statisticians comprise the Statistics and Epidemiology Unit and is one of the largest and most comprehensive in private industry.  Our researchers conduct cutting-edge research in survey and sample design, modeling, and statistical analysis. Public Health Analysts work in a variety of fields, including international health, governance, and education, as well as health services, economic and social development, education and training and the environment. Successful candidates will work in the Rockville, Maryland office.  To learn more and apply, visit  
· Provide technical and administrative support to projects
· Develop data, survey and/or interview forms
· Recommend new methods for collection and documentation of data  
· Review data obtained through medical record abstraction, observation, interviews, or other sources according to established guidelines
· Perform literature and library searches as needed
· Assemble and distribute various materials including study supplies and data collection forms to field or clinical sites  
· Prepare and update monthly progress reports and queries.
· Prepare minutes from project conference calls and meetings.  
· BS/BA degree in health related field and 0 to 2 years experience
· Experience with Microsoft Office Products

Desired Qualifications  
· Ability to comprehend journals, abstracts, and financial reports as appropriate
· Ability to comprehend and follow specific instructions and guidelines, taking initiative when appropriate
· Strong oral and written communication skills
· Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, and outside clients
· Become familiar with federal regulatory guidelines such as IRB and OMB to ensure compliance with study.
· Maintain communication with study team to update them on study progress, challenges and potential solutions.
· Database management skills such as spreadsheet programs.
· Knowledge of project planning and organizational techniques.  
Closing Statement  
Important Information:

RTI participates in the US Government E-Verify program, for specific information on this program please visit our employment portal at  
Equal Employment Opportunity  
We are proud to be an EEO/AA employer M/F/D/V

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