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[IMF] Job Vacancy for Native Korean Language Speaker
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Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing on behalf of the International Monetary Fund here in Washington DC.  The IMF is looking for a native Korean speaker to help set up a Korean language website and we are distributing this information below to Korean Student Associations in the US.  But we would also be prepared to recruit a suitable candidate from Korea.

Would you be kind enough to distribute this advertisement (below) to any students who might be qualified and to post this advertisement either online or elsewhere which might be accessed by Korean speakers?

Please feel free to pass on my contact details to anyone who might be interested and have any additional questions.
Many thanks
Hyun-Sung KHANG

Current Communications
+ 1 202 623 8472
x 38472

External Relations Officer-0901062
If you are an external candidate, please visit to view the list of current vacancies. All internal candidates can access the list of internal vacancies via JobLink.

Job Description
The External Website Section of the External Relations Department is seeking to recruit a Web Editor/Producer who has native level proficiency in Korean and an excellent understanding of English.
The External Website Section manages the IMF's external website. Its major responsibilities include: ensuring that the IMF website is an up-to-date, user-friendly, and an effective tool for disseminating IMF information, publications, and other material to the public; ensuring that the variety of material posted on the website, originating from all parts of the Fund and prepared in a variety of forms, is organized and classified appropriately, and presented consistently; and liaising with the Technology and Geberal Services Department to ensure that the website takes full advantage of latest technology.
Under the supervision of the Section Chief and more senior colleagues, the incumbent will be a member of the team responsible for the IMF's external website,
•        Produce new content for the conference website, writing in a journalistic style. Translate and edit web pages from English into Korean.
•        Post documents and related materials using a content management system.
•        Maintain the conference website once it is live and ensure that the information is accurate.
•        Knowledge of web platforms-podcasts, blogging, Twitter, Flickr
•        Attend meetings and gather requirements for the new webpages.
•        Create and edit PDF documents.
•        Add metadata (i.e., title, date, and description of a document) to new HTML and PDF documents.

In addition to the above, candidates should have a minimum of an advanced university degree in a relevant field and a minimum of two years of professional, relevant work experience. Alternatively, a Bachelor's degree and six years of professional, relevant experience is required.
The successful candidate will be offered a one-year contract.
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