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Entry Level Hiring - Virginia - CAD Drafter
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Entry Level Hiring - Procon Enterprise, VA - CAD Drafter
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About this Job
Opportunity for growth to project manager position is available based on personal performance.

Position responsibilities include but not limited
- Drawing fabrication shop drawings with CAD
- Assisting with purchase orders, estimating, submittals, and closeout documents.
- Ensure that all materials received are counted and compared to purchase order.
- Communicate with Project Manager, everyday regarding job progress, field problems, technical questions, etc.
- Prepare and submit daily job reports and time sheets, as directed by Department Head.

Job Requirements
- Understanding and ability to read construction plans and specifications
- Strong computer skills including CAD, excel and outlook
- AutoCAD proficient is a must as this will be the main part of the job
- Good attention to detail with strong organization skills
- Degree in Architecture or Construction Management preferred but not required

About Procon Enterprise
We specialize in providing metal roofing and metal wall panel systems. These systems have many advantages over other materials including; aesthetics, expanded color options, minimal maintenance, enhanced property values, energy efficiency, improved wind uplift and are available with 20 year weather tightness and finish warranties. Also, we specialize in various levels of storefront application from standard flush set glazing systems to curtain wall, herculite entrance, wall panel, as well as, bullet resistant glass applications.

Virginia, United States

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