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Entry Level Hiring - Virginia - Assistant Project Manager, Construction Foreman
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Entry Level Hiring - Procon Enterprise, VA - Assistant Project Manager, Construction Foreman
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Job Summary
Plan, organize, and oversees the daily activities, including designating material staging areas, overseeing and training individuals’ in wall panel, roofing, window and door system installations, and crew personnel management scheduling and issues. The foreman will be responsible for installing roofing system in the safest, highest quality and most cost effective manner.
Duties and Responsibilities
- Provide safe working environment for Procon crews, subcontractors, and others.
- Thoroughly review job file and shop drawing with Project manager and including the scope of work, materials ordered and delivery schedule, budget for labor productions (man days) and job site contacts.
- Ensure that proper safety and equipment is on the job and used in the proper manner. Foreman needs to coordinate these needs with the Project Manager, but is ultimately responsible.
- Review job on site to create a plan to complete project within the man day budget.
- Supervise and support crew everyday with regard to safety, quality and labor production. Monitor and maintain job site cleanliness and daily housekeeping.
- Ensure that all materials received are counted and compared to purchase order.
- Monitor material needs on a daily basis. Plan several days ahead to avoid running out of materials.
- Make sure on site equipment is monitored and maintained, such as oil changes on kettle motors, belts on cutters, etc. Notify warehouse of any broken or defective equipment before returning.
- Communicate with Project Manager, everyday regarding job progress, field problems, technical questions, etc.
- Prepare and submit daily job reports and time sheets, as directed by Department Head.
- Provide training to crewman and/or others on site as required.
- Responsible for overall safety and quality of each job. This includes checking for water tightness, mops left on roof, and ensuring job site is complete and has been cleaned up properly. Coordinate punch list and - - job close out before crew leaves job site for the last time.
- Review job performance with Project manager in regards to safety, quality and budget when job has been completed.
- Attend all coordination planning meetings.
Physical Demands
The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
Work Environment: (95% construction sites 5% office).

Experience: Entry Level (0 - 3 years)
Construction Knowledge: Extensive knowledge of roofing, wall panel and glass is a plus.
Valid Driver License: Must have a valid driver license
Motivated and professional and proven leadership skills.
Mathematical Skills: Basic Math
Computer Skills: Basic Outlook, Word, and Excel

About Procon Enterprise
We specialize in providing metal roofing and metal wall panel systems. These systems have many advantages over other materials including; aesthetics, expanded color options, minimal maintenance, enhanced property values, energy efficiency, improved wind uplift and are available with 20 year weather tightness and finish warranties. Also, we Specialize in various levels of storefront application from standard flush set glazing systems to curtain wall, herculite entrance, wall panel, as well as, bullet resistant glass applications.
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