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Graduate Inquiry from Social Responsibility for the Panhellenic Association
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My name is Melissa Raimondi and I am the Vice President of Social Responsibility for the Panhellenic Association on campus.  I am trying to hire graduate students for a paid position, called Social Event Monitoring, in which graduate students would interact with undergraduates while working to keep students safe.  The pay is great and the job is super easy.  I am wondering if you could please send the following blurb to the members of the Korean Graduate Association.  If you know of anywhere else I could advertise or if you decide to send the blurb, I would greatly appreciate hearing back from you.

Positions for the University’s Social Event Monitoring Program are available for the upcoming academic year.  Monitors are responsible for walking on a short, designated route around the fraternity and sorority houses to promote safety and to regulate any Greek Letter Organization social events.  Monitors are paid $30/night for about an hours worth of work, $15 extra for on call duties, and $60 for monitoring a registered party.  There is only one training session and it will be early in the school year.  Work shifts are at night and on the weekends (so they do not interfere with classes), the work is easy, and the schedule is flexible!  It’s a great way to stay connected with the campus community and interact with undergraduates!  If you are interested, please contact Melissa Raimondi at or Matt Sincaglia at for further details.

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