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세개 지점중 선택할수 있네요.. 딜은 오늘까지이고  구입한 쿠폰은 내년 6월 말까지 유효해요

오 좋은 정보네요 안그래도 엊그제 꿀돼지 갔을때 사람들 몇명이 쿠폰출력한 종이를 들고 결제를 하는데 싸게 계산하길래 뭔가 했었는데 이거였군요~ 감사합니다! 2011-12-21

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How the rules will change the fan experience It will make the slow process of just getting inside the stadium even slower. I've been to Oakland Raiders games at the Coliseum, (which first hosted a Raider game in 1966) and the process of getting from your car to the stadium can be slow.

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Basically, the Forest Service is deviating from its congressional mandate for multiple use. They're substituting a self-defined agenda of preservationism," Adams said. "The entire process is a farce. It's clear the Forest Service doesn't want the public in the forest.
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