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Student Entertainment Events, IMP, Verizon Wireless and Pepsi are pleased to announce the 27th annual Art Attack, featuring Weezer and special guest Ben Folds.

Location: Capitol Field at Byrd Stadium
Time/Date: Friday, April 30th | Doors open at 5pm | Concert begins at 6:30 pm
UMD students/faculty/staff - $5 with a valid UMCP ID and can be purchased umdtickets.com
General Public - $40 and are available at ticketfly.com.

After the two clubs reached an agreement, preziosi the first time announced, "Genoa this season through an extremely difficult season, many players have put forward the transfer request. Genoa away the competition with Novara. the Palacio and a lot of fans unhappy. next day, Ana Palacio, the transfer application. Palacio has joined Inter Milan, the two clubs reached an agreement two years ago. Inter Milan fancy Palacio for the two clubs, this is a good deal, Palacio also get double the annual salary. "According to the Corriere dello Sport, "saying, Palacio transfer fee of € 11 million. In, preziosi hinted that Inter Milan players to offset the part of the transfer fee. "Now, we can only say that the two clubs reached on Palacio's transfer agreement, Inter Milan and then have some important players. See if we can be reached a Matt Kemp Jersey second agreement, we have to look at the international Milan will add some bargaining chips. "Previously, there were media reports, Inter Milan hope to offset part of the transfer fee library card and Longo, now depends on the outcome of the negotiations between the two sides.The Palacio and Inter Milan contract, the Corriere dello Sport reported, to As preziosi says, Palacio after-tax annual salary will be doubled to 2 million euros. However, the "market", Inter Milan week will be in conjunction with two brokers in the Palacio long Frida and De Pi the Aite Li a meeting to discuss the details of the contract.Inter Milan as Gasperini assistant Ivan - You Liqi Inter Milan acquired Palacio, this is a very important document transfer. Rodriguez (Palacio) though not the star , but a very important player, he can bring different. "blue-black pupils Mazzola said in an interview with Sports Radio interview," I think Palacio is the right person to Inter Milan this summer signings. Palacio know how to break to know how to score. Gasperini requires Inter Milan a year ago to buy Palacio, until now the club before the introduction of the Argentine. "Palacio was born in 1982, became famous very early, landing European football until 2009 before joining Genoa. Michael Young Jersey Effectiveness of Genoa three seasons, Palacio scored 38 goals in 100 games. Palacio in 32 appearances scoring 19 goals in Serie A this season. Scorer in the Serie A championship, Palacio ranked No. 5. Briefly coached the Palacio Marino said, "Despite the poor Genoa record, but the Palacio proved talent, he can play multiple positions at Inter."Bayern Munich and the Netherlands national team in a friendly match at the Allianz Arena. Each scored in the first half, Cross, Peterson, Huntelaar and Naseem 2-2 draw with the pointer off the bench Gomez then Franck Ribery assists broke a 3-2 lore Netherlands.Injury disputes in the national team because a year ago, Arjen Robben, the Dutch Football Association in a friendly discussion with the Bayern Munich game revenue owned by Bayern. Saturday, Bayern just in the Champions League final defeat to Chelsea missed the championship, this friendly match, Bayern still sent a lot of the main starting, the Champions League final suspension Gustavo, Alabama and starting Mill and the Cross midfield, Peterson replaced Gomez as a single arrow.The last time on behalf of the Bayern played Olic, Bute Planic on on people who have starting debut. The Dutch team's starting lineup is very strong midfield of Wesley Sneijder, Rafael van der Vaart, De Jong, Dirk Kuyt, Mathijsen led the defense, Huntelaar and Naseem strike partner.Breakthrough Xiadichuanzhong, the first three minutes, Kuyt cross from the left on the 6th who? Middle Road Tuishe force is too small Bute obtained directly. 6 minutes, Planic outside the area, the blue he asked suddenly applied foot left foot volley was the Crull struggling saved his teammates up blank range to start slower Mathijsen undermine the bottom line.The first 10 minutes, Evan Longoria Jersey Huntelaar then teammate balls broke into the restricted area on the face of Bute's foot shot Bute closure. 11 minutes Olic left anterior field was brought down, Cross out the kick Wo Ermu direct leaps Abstract. 15 minutes, Mill on the right pass the Wo Ermu to strike the ball. After 1 minute, Olic heel rub to Gustavo Gustavo cross from the left, Mathijsen grab in the Mueller front of the ball the bottom line. Cross opened a corner Huntelaar headed the rescue.Cross with two 17 minutes, Cross outside the area suddenly kicked his right foot volley the ball to dart left corner, the Netherlands abroad the Wo Ermu flutter a little ball or fly, scoring gate, 1-0.1 minutes after the Kuyt, straight Schalke striker reached the restricted area before in undermine shot broke to tie the game 1-1.20 minutes, Middle Road, Van der Vaart cleverly straight Sena Xin, the Naseem broke into the restricted area of the face of attack Bute lob to break for 1-2, the Netherlands go-ahead score. 28 minutes Cross ball to the left, Olic Xiadichuanzhong Peterson follow-up header hoisting the ball into the top 2-2. Biography of the first 31 minutes, restricted the right of Naseem go past Alabama the headed the rescue.The first half of the 2-2 draw with Bayern Munich and the Netherlands, the second half Easy side battles, Bayern put Boateng, Ram et al. The first 49 minutes, Naseem cross from the right, Clarence shakes Leipzig higher. The first 56 minutes, Naseem cross from the right, Alabama the header Yiceng Bute ball pick to. The first 58 minutes, Aaron Hill Jersey the Dutch team on the right pass, room to move the ball to the bottom line.The first 64 minutes, suddenly the long-range Clarence outside Bute struggling saved. The first 66 minutes, shot from outside the area of S. De Jong higher. The first 71 minutes, Heynckes replaced Contento, Gomez and Franck Ribery Alabama, Peterson and Olic.The first 76 minutes, Robben came off the bench replaced Naseem. 77 minutes, Franck Ribery left has run reached the left foot after the restricted area of the ball go past Woer Mu small angle Tuishe of hit the side of the web. 1 minute Robben restricted area on the right foot volley. 2012-06-01

From past annual salary of two million U.S. dollars to $ 4 million, is a good or coach. The winning coach of the Miami Heat, Eric - Spoelstra's salary this year is only $ 3,000,000. The sources said that last year's winning coach Rick - Carroll, and the Dallas Mavericks signed a new contract extension, or $ 100,000 into $ 4,600,000 from $ 4,500,000.Of course, the Thunder to Brooks, a raise the same pressure from the outside world. <strong><a href="http://www.camnewtonpanthersjerseys.com/carolina-panthers-c-117.html">Carolina Panthers Jersey</a> </strong>Get the news that the league if the Thunder continued, Portland Trail Blazers and Orlando Magic are hoping to get the only 46-year-old Confucian handsome.James - Harden often in trade rumors, NBA Draft, he did not become a bargaining chip. According to ESPN columnist Mark - Stern revealed on Twitter, the Thunder has promised not trade Harden.After news that the Thunder will use the Harden trading three draft picks, they want to replace Bradley - Bill Harden. However, before the draft, the Thunder senior guaranteed not to trade him, the NBA Draft, results also proved the Thunder to achieve the promise."Thunder executives to ensure they will not use the James - Harden to trade draft picks, they proved this point." Mark - Stern wrote on Twitter.Trading Harden, team and Harden both sides say there is no benefit. Thunder executives said Harden did not need to worry about.Although the Thunder did not go with Harden trading three draft picks, but they are in the NBA draft or something, Perry - Jones 28th overall, <strong><a href="http://www.camnewtonpanthersjerseys.com">Cam Newton Jersey</a> </strong>Prior Jones has long been considered likely to enter the lottery player.Harden will become a free agent July 1. Thunder of course, want to leave him, but they have Kevin - Kevin Durant and Russell - Westbrook who spend a lot of money, and then left Harden then, the team difficult to bear.Harden willing to be to abandon the team, he said in the negotiations with the Thunder, money is not the most important factor. In thunder, some things money can not buy, "Harden said," here is to establish a dynasty. We continue to win, his teammates and brothers. Almost every day we are together, the other teams will not see this and I really like it here. "But the Thunder or a headache, even if Harden is willing to reduce salaries, Thunder gotta pay him at market.The two sides have not formal negotiations, and may eventually have to drag October. <strong><a href="http://www.camnewtonpanthersjerseys.com/newton-men-c-130.html">Cam Newton Men's Jersey</a></strong> General manager Sam - Presti Harden reassured, "I will not tell you the specific situation, because we do not too attention to this matter," On the Harden trade rumors, Pres Doughty says, "All I can say yes, James - Harden is a player coveted by the individual person, <strong><a href="http://www.camnewtonpanthersjerseys.com/newton-youth-c-131.html">Women's Cam Newton Jersey</a></strong> but I do not think people want him more than we do. he is a grown up together with our club players, with his exciting. "Although this is only the general manager of the rhetoric, the reliability is questionable, but in this case, his words great credibility. Thunder draft to establish a fighting super team, no reason to break up them. Although the Thunder faced with tough choices, with the key players might one day come to say goodbye, but not now. 2012-07-04

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