Who we are...

The Korean Graduate Student Association at the University of Maryland, College Park has been established to increase close cooperation and unity among the members. KGSA provides opportunities of better academic life and better understaing of Korean cultures to the students and community.

Korean graduate students at the University of Maryland, College Park are eligible to join KGSA. We are also inviting post doctors and faculty members as our supporters. Prospective members are encouraged to contact KGSA staff

Staffs -

  • 회장 : 탁동근
  • 부회장 : 홍상현
  • 총무 : 박계명
  • 회계 : 이민하
  • 홈페이지관리 : 한지혜, 홍종기
  • 행사지원 : 엄현주, 이성실
  • 리크루팅 : 권범준
  • 지도교수 : 한봉태

Departmental Representatives

Aerospace EngineeringSeungjoon Yangbrue80 (at) naver
Chemical and Biomolecular EngineeringInhak Beakkginakyk (at) gmail
Civil and Environmental EngineeringSung Yoon Parkalza102 (at) gmail
Electrical and Computer EngineeringKyunghun Leeleekh3 (at) umd
Mechanical EngineeringKihan Parkkihan (at) umd.edu
Materials ScienceWonseok Hwangwhwang1098 (at) gmail
Computer ScienceSeokbin Kangsean.kang84 (at) gmail
Neuroscience and Cognitive ScienceHyuk Ohhyukoh (at) umd
CommunicationHyunhee Kimhkim (at) umd
Counseling and Personnel ServicesMinji Yangmjyang (at) umd

If you are interested in sponsoring KGSA, please contact a KGSA staff.
메릴랜드 한인학생회를 후원해 주시고자 하시는 분께서는, 한인학생회 임원에게 연락바랍니다.